Healthcare Film Production

Our healthcare films have featured heavily in nationwide and worldwide digital healthcare campaigns. We created the exercise films that are handed out to newly diagnosed cardiac patients across the UK; all the film content for the British Red Cross First Aid Training films; all web based digital content for PHE’s Change4Life and Start4Life campaigns; a film for the RCN Thank a Nurse campaign that was watched more than a million times in one weekend; Age UK’s Christmas Campaign films for social and TV advertising 2021; the NHS animations, delivered in 13 languages, explaining screening during pregnancy, birth and early years and countless other educational films, promotional films and recruitment films at the heart of healthcare campaigns.

Our London based video production team is well used to working with healthcare professionals to translate medical jargon and technical concepts into content that is safe for patients and the public, easily digestible, engaging and watchable. We understand medical concepts, we know how to film safely in medical settings, and we take great pride in the fact that the our films are helping patients and healthcare professionals improve lives every day.