Takeda Pharmaceutical
Takeda Pharmaceutical

The Brief

Takeda Pharmaceuticals, a world leader in oncology treatments, wanted a series of films to introduce their therapeutics to a wider international medical market. Working with anonymous patient case studies from oncology clinicians around the world, the project is a work-in-progress as the participating clinicians continue to be filmed at various locations around the world, delivering their case studies to the medical community.

The Film

As the project was to be filmed in different studios around the world we decided that shooting on a black background would give the films a consistent look that we could replicate in any setting.

We created an interactive graphics palette that matched the client’s brand guidelines and made the films more dynamic. The graphics reinforce the clinicians’ key messages and give each film a consistent campaign style, whichever international market they are designed for.

The films took our teams all over the world from Oxford to Orlando. They are a key part of Takeda’s collateral in both the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Harry Chambers

Tim Fok

Colum O’Dwyer

Isabel Campbell

Post Production
Geoff Billingham