Filming a Signature Drinks Launch

The Brief

We do loads of food and drink filming so when Martini asked us to make a film to advertise a new way to enjoy their signature drink we jumped at the chance. The only problem? It had to be ready in 14 days and filming needed to take place in 5 capital cities, in 5 different languages.

The film

Not a company to turn down a challenge we packed up our camera kit, booked flights, carnets, and worked out a filming route that saw us visit St Petersburg, New York, Barcelona, Milan and London as well as a quick detour to the Martini distillery in Italy. We sourced a cast of locals to taste the drinks and a series of bars to feature in the films.

Back in our London edit suite we created a film ready for the launch just 14 days after commissioning. It hero-ed the drink, showcased the Cities and their people and culture and put Martini at the heart of that summers parties!


Harry Chambers

Design & Production
Alfie Chambers

Paul Hines

Will Graham

Post Production
Paul Hines