Department of Education
Department of Education
Better health recipe films

The Brief

We work regularly on campaigns for the Change4Life and Start4Life programmes for the Departments of Education & Health. We were asked to create a look and feel and a series of top down recipe films to encourage and inspire parents to cook healthy meals for their children.


The films

A mix of traditional top-down recipe video production and filmed real families in a real kitchen, highlighting the pleasure of cooking and eating together.

We created the recipes, cast the actors, sourced the locations, scripted and storyboarded. Our Home Economist, Food Stylist and Director worked together to ensure the films were easy and engaging for the audience to follow along to while being healthy and delicious.

We created a series of films that are instructive yet fun, and gives families a wealth of ideas for healthy eating.

The film crewshoot top down ingredients for the film
Filming recipes on location with our family

Departments of Education & Health

Dave Miller

Design & Production
Nutmeg Productions

Andrew Mickleburgh

Pete Bateman

Home Economist & Food Stylist
Rebecca Woods

Post Production
Leif Phelps

Max Cecchini

Adam, Eden & Raffi and Shakila, Mila & Tyler