Frank’s Hot Sauce
Frank’s Hot Sauce
All American Food Series

The Brief

American brand Frank’s Hot Sauce was looking to promote its range to UK consumers, tying in with the Super Bowl. With the aim of getting Frank’s trending on social media during the game, we were commissioned to create a series of recipe films for use on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, bringing Frank’s to a new audience and making it THE sauce of the Super Bowl.


The films

Filming over two days in a real-life kitchen location, we created a series of vibrant, top-down videos that demonstrate the versatility of Frank’s Hot Sauces. Featuring mouth-watering dishes such as buffalo chicken waffles and classic cheeseburgers, our videos offered easy-to-follow and accessible recipe ideas that boosted brand awareness and got people talking during a primetime broadcast event.

Showing Red camera filming a recipe being cooked

Frank’s Hot Sauce

Dave Miller

Design & Production
Harry Chambers

Dave Miller

Camera Dept.
Pete Bateman

Home Economist & Food Stylist
Kate Moore

Post Production
Geoff Billingham

Daryl Higgins