The Royal Society
The Royal Society
Changing Careers

The Brief

The Royal Society required a series of films to give those working in the field of science an insight into changing careers, showing that scientists need not restrict their careers to either academia or industry. The videos needed to showcase how scientists can move seamlessly between these two different areas and innovate in their field, grow their knowledge and further their careers. Royal Society selected six different case studies from across the UK to give practical examples of how people had done this for us to base our films on.

The Films

We met with a groups of scientists, including the Artificial Intelligence lead at Microsoft and the world’s biggest manufacturer of graphene. They told us how they had worked – or continued to work – across two fields, and how their careers had evolved in the commercial sector. We used a visual device to wrap each film, using a green screen to change the backgrounds from academia to industry, helping us to visually underline our narrative and create a series of compelling and informative films. They were highly successful, achieving over 1 million hits.

The Royal Society

Harry Chambers

Paul Hines

Design & Production
Nutmeg Productions

Post Production
Geoff Billingham