Centre for Cities
Centre for Cities
Campaign Film

The Brief

Centre for Cities wanted a corporate video production company to produce a short, punchy campaign animation that would clearly explain why cities are so important to the economy. It needed to communicate data and statistics quickly, and in a way that would engage and inform.

The Film

We worked with the organisation’s brand style to create animated graphics and icons for use in a fast-paced animation, filled with movement and transition inspired by UK city life. We used a combination of text and icons to highlight key facts to the viewer, weaving in some humour to keep the topic engaging. Our sound designer tied everything together with a rich soundscape of clicks, ticks, cheers and bells, creating an aural description of city living and the exciting potential it offers.

Centre for Cities

Harry Chambers

Illustration & Animation
Max Cecchini

Design & Production
Nutmeg Productions

Post Production & Sound
Leif Phelps