Life, Nature, You

The Brief

When our in-house editor, Rich, came across a competition for filmmakers from the WWF (World Wildlife Foundation), we decided to get involved, following the brief to create a piece on the theme ‘Love, Nature, You’.


The Film

We wanted our film to show the very personal connections humans feel to the environment. During our research, we came across Jed from Cornwall, who has been surfing for over 45 years and is a passionate advocate for cleaner seas. Our team jumped on an overnight train to Cornwall and met Jed at 6am the following morning, filming him as he got suited up and prepared for his early morning swim. Using a GoPro, our cameraman captured some close-up shots in the surf, too.

We then interviewed Jed over a warming coffee, recording the story of his connection to the ocean; the result is a beautiful piece that uses Jed’s experience to illustrate the impact of plastic waste on our seas. From over 200 films submitted to the competition, our film on ‘Life, Nature, You’ won second place in a public vote.


Direction, Design & Production
Nutmeg Productions

Richard Butterworth

Paul Hines

Post Production
Richard Butterworth