Mercher Family, Romania

The Brief

As part of a new fundraising campaign, SVP (Saint Vincent de Paul Society) commissioned us to make a film about their charitable work in Romania. They identified a family we could speak to and film, to document how their work gives people a financial lifeline, providing opportunities for income and education.

The Film

This film was one of a series we shot for SVP’s Rise to the Challenge campaign. Over a two-day shoot and with the help of a local translator, we filmed interviews with the Mercher family and spoke to Ionut, who explained how the family was given a cow by the SVP. This donation not only ensured the family did not go hungry but it also gave Ionut’s parents an income stream, allowing them to support his studies.

As well as Ionut and his family, we spoke to other members of the community, putting their personal stories at the heart of our film. Using an ARRI Alexa and working with a local drone operator, our shoot was enhanced with some stunning landscape shots which were added to the B-roll.



Harry Chambers

Andrew Mickleburgh

Patrick Hoelscher