Independent Age
Independent Age
A Life Worth Living

The Brief

To produce three hard-hitting, emotive campaign videos to bring to life the Independent Age #ALifeWorthLiving campaign. The films needed to highlight the types of calls the Independent Age helpline regularly receives. Each film would feature a different celebrity to drive media attention, create awareness of the helpline service and secure additional helpline funding.



The Film

Our scriptwriting team created authentic and relatable composite stories for the campaign film series. We sourced locations for each film that would resonate with the everyday person. Our storyboard brought the anxiety and fear each character felt to life through clever use of lighting, music and pacing.

We filmed on Canon C500 MKII cameras on a Chapman PeeWee.

Each film in the series was delivered in a variety of formats, both long and short form, for use alongside campaign collateral.

Independent Age

Harry Chambers/
Dave Miller

Kate McLaughlin

Tom Lee

Focus Puller
Yared Stephenson

Kylie Stubbs

Miguel Rodriguez Puente

Post Production
Nicole Njagi

Jon Hickman