Citizen’s Advice Bureau
Citizen’s Advice Bureau
John’s Story

The Brief

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, Citizen’s Advice had been inundated with calls from people like John, whose livelihoods were hanging in the balance. We were tasked with telling John’s story and bringing wider awareness to the organisation’s range of services.

The Film

After reading John’s story and speaking with him ahead of the shoot, we identified key moments from John’s experiences to inform our film. Our charity video production crew spent the day with him in Liverpool, shooting his everyday experiences in a documentary style, to give the piece an honest, authentic and realistic style and tone. Working with an ARRI Alexa we were able to capture a huge range of colour data which allowed us to play with colour grade in post-production.

The story begins with desaturated footage as John describes the difficulties he has encountered during the pandemic. As – with the help of Citizen’s Advice – his circumstances improve, the music changes key and we flood colour into the images, creating an uplifting, motivating and hopeful message at the end of the film.




Citizens Advice Bureau/Arthur London

Andrew Mickleburgh

Harry Chambers

Isabel Campbell

Post Production
Leif Phelps

Leif Phelps

Max Cecchini