Age UK
Age UK
End of Life

The Brief

Age UK wanted to make an animation dealing with the difficult scenario of death and dying; a challenging subject to cover, taboo in certain communities and difficult to animate sensitively. The animation needed to re-inforce the message that preparation and openness across the generations is the best and most healthy way to address the subject, whether in the context of imminent death or for longer term planning.

The Film

We worked with an illustrator, Gabi Froden, who had already created some assets for the campaign’s printed materials. Our animation team adapted Gabi’s work, replicating the style and adding extra scenes and characters that were needed for the animation. Working closely with the charity, we ensured the tone and narrative of the piece was on brief and would resonate with the target audience, adding a warm and relatable feel by asking a charity member with personal experience of this subject to narrate the film.

Age UK

Harry Chambers

Gabi Froden

Walid Abou El Joud

Isabel Campbell

Sound Edit
Geoff Billingham