Seasonal Reading

The Brief

As part of our work on an archive of still and moving digital assets for Ladybird we were asked to create a series of photos celebrating seasonal books and the family reading opportunities available.

The digital content needed to include families reading and seasonally themed sets including Christmas, Halloween, and summer holidays.

A variety of shots were required for use throughout the year and across various social platforms.

The process

Pre-production included the creative concept and ideas for locations, props and casting. A key objective for the Ladybird team was ensuring that set-ups and photographs were authentic and relatable. We sourced real family homes and cast real parents and children, to enable a natural shoot environment that would translate on camera.

Shooting across two days in two different locations, we captured a huge amount of digital content that highlighted reading opportunities for children throughout the year.


Creative & Production
Kate McLaughlin

Photography & Post Production
Emily Graham

Design & Production Assistant
Joseph Hunt

Set Design & Art Department
Sasha Stamp