Tate Kids
Tate Kids
Explainer Videos

The Brief

A video production for the Tate to showcase some of the art in the Tate collection to a new, younger audience. Our brief was to produce four “How to” art films for school age children between the ages of 5-12 which would work across the Tate website, YouTube and Social Media.

We were given free reign to look through their collection to find a diverse range of artists and use their work as inspiration for projects that could easily be replicated by children at home, with minimum equipment and cost.

Our art department, lead by Flora Patten, selected the artists and storyboarded the films.


The process

Working closely with a group of young student artists, we shot the film on a colorama in our south London film studio. The films were shot on RED Komodo’s in 6K so we could reframe in post, therefore the films could be used in three different aspect ratios for use across social media.

Our animation team added some hand drawn animation to really make the films pop.

Tate Kids

Harry Chambers

Jonty Dawson and Paul Hines

Design & Production
Nutmeg Productions

Post Production
Leif Phelps and Jonty Dawson

Art Director & Design
Flora Patten