Puffin Books
Puffin Books
Book Reviews

The Brief

Puffin asked us to create a series of children’s book reviews to promote a selection of their new releases just before Christmas, also inspiring children and parents alike to give the gift of reading.

We assisted in casting the children from local schools and designed our own props with our award-winning Art Designer, Tracy. By focusing heavily on Puffin’s brand palette and themes of Christmas imagery, our aim was to visually enhance the magical experience of the set, thus creating a sense of excitement and wonder for the children, which we captured on camera.



The process

We filmed most of the children in pairs to create a fun rapport that worked well to promote the idea of reading and gifting books.

We also partnered with Thinking Juice, who helped design the assets we used for the shoot and create the animation boards for the finished films.

Puffin Books

Harry Chambers

Jonty Dawson and Tom Ewbank

Design & Production
Nutmeg Productions

Post Production
Leif Phelps 

Set Design & Art Department
Tracy Benner

Art Work
Thinking Juice

Fleur Adderley