Pre-Production Process for Video Content

The pre-production process is the first step to making any video content. Meticulous planning of the creative and strategy takes place to ensure that a film production is delivered on time and within budget. Whether its scripting, creative direction, location scouting or talent casting, ensuring enough time and attention is spent during the pre-production process plays an essential role in the success of a video production. Below we have summarised some of the key pre-production stages which we go through with our clients at Nutmeg!

Briefing and kick-off meeting

Before the video production project begins, we ask you to complete a written briefing document which outlines key project information such as points of contact, project brief, deliverables, delivery date etc. We’ll then organise a kick-off meeting (virtual or in person) where we will dig deep to align on the brief and strategic goals of the video(s). We’ll discuss things like goals, target audience, video usage, key dates and timelines.


Following the kick-off meeting and talking through key dates such as filming and final delivery date, we will create a detailed timeline. This outlines all tasks and deadline dates throughout the project for both Nutmeg and you. You’ll have the opportunity to review and feedback to ensure that the timeline doesn’t clash with any existing internal commitments. We’ll make any adjustments before signing off on the timeline.

Creative Direction

Establishing the creative style for the video production early on in the pre-production process is  important in ensuring that filming and editing is aligned with the brief and your vision. Once we have an understanding of your video goals and target audience, we’ll ask for brand guidelines, content strategy documentation, and talk through any reference videos. From here, we’ll create some initial style boards, so that you can get a first look at our creative concepts and ideas. We’ll usually set-up a meeting to discuss any feedback and make amends.


Support with scripting is provided at Nutmeg by our team of creatives. This is the stage where we bring a story to life through the written word. It’s important to achieve the right tone of voice and messaging. We’ll create and share a draft script to our clients which presents the tone and style. You’ll feedback on this and we’ll create a full draft script, which is more detailed with description, facts and figures. You’ll feedback on this version too and we’ll work together to fine tune before signing off!


A film can require casting talent in various different ways such as actors, presenters, or voiceover artists. Casting talent for a video production or animation can be an excellent way of communicating your story to the right audience, either through emotion or dynamic, engaging language. If a film requires casting talent, we will organise a virtual meeting to discuss initial ideas with our clients. We’ll then research and shortlist talent options which we’ll present to you and we will talk through feedback together before confirming the talent.


A video production schedule is a high-level plan breaking down the entire production process, and is essential to ensuring that video production runs smoothly! We will use our advanced project management software to track all elements of the project against the budget and ensure deadlines don’t get missed. A production schedule consists of a set of timelines, tracks time and ensures that talent, crew, props, location and equipment are booked and in order ahead of filming.


Whether it’s filming at your office, a sound-proof studio, out and about on location, or a panoramic drone shot, the right location can really set the scene and help viewers put your film into context! We will scout the best locations within budget and secure necessary permissions. The right lighting and kit will also increase the production value of a film and capture the highest quality footage. Our team of production managers and video producers will organise all of this in advance of the shoot to ensure filming runs as smoothly as possible.

Shot list

A shot list is a document mapping out every camera shot that needs to be captured in a video production. This can include scene by scene descriptions, camera angles, camera movements, lighting and shot type. It is created by our Director and serves as a type of check-list. It gives the crew direction and focus ahead and during filming.

Call sheet

Once everything is in place for filming your video production, the final step is creating the call sheet! A call sheet is an on-set life line document which is shared with all involved ahead of the shoot date(s). It outlines essential information such as call time, location, contact details of cast and crew, the schedule for the day, shot list and kit list. It can also detail specific shoot information such as weather, parking, access information, catering or prop requirements. It is so helpful for keeping everyone informed and on time on the day.