Life, Nature, You

The Brief

Rich, our in-house editor, came across a WWF competition for filmmakers entitled “Love, Nature, You”. The “brief” was that brief!

The film needed to show a very personal human connection with the environment. Our research team got to work, and we found Jed from Cornwall who has been a surfer for over 45 years and a passionate advocate for cleaner seas.

The charity video production team jumped on the overnight train and met Jed at 6 am on a cool Cornish morning. They filmed him as he suited up and went for an early morning surf, followed by our intrepid cameraman with a GoPro, to get some close-up shots in the surf. After a coffee to warm up, they interviewed Jed, who spoke about the serious problems with plastic waste in our oceans.

The Film

The story was a really personal take on the ocean, and the film came in second place in over 200 entries, judged by the general public voting online.


Direction, Design & Production
Nutmeg Productions

Richard Butterworth

Paul Hines

Post Production
Richard Butterworth