Kings College Hospital
Kings College Hospital
CCU Fundraising Film

The Brief

Kings College Hospital needed £10 million to create an outside critical care garden for their new 90 bed CCU. Research has shown that patients in CCU often suffer PTSD in the enclosed, noisy and sun starved units.

The garden would have oxygen, power supplies and portable equipment so long-time CCU patients could be taken outside as part of their treatment and recovery. The hospital’s world leading research has shown that taking patient outside as soon as possible has both a positive outcome on physical and mental outcomes.

The Film

Tasked to make a film to encourage donations we contacted a patient who had in a coma in the unit. Author Tom Lee told his story to camera, having written about the confusion he felt during recovery.

Our concept was to visually reflect his mental confusion and journey in the CCU and demonstrate how this could be improved through the creation of the new garden.

We filmed Tom in a studio in front of a 30ft screen playing a bespoke sequence in sync with his story. We lit him using DMX controlled ARRI lite-panels to change the colour on his face reflecting his feelings and emotions.

The film was highly successful, shown online and to corporate sponsors and the money was raised in under a year.

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