Frank’s Hot Sauce
Frank’s Hot Sauce
Recipe films

The Brief

We creted recipe films as part of a campaign to get the all-American brand Frank’s Hot Sauce trending in the UK we were asked to create some recipe films. The films would form an integral part of a social media campaign across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Our recipe films needed to make Frank’s the sauce of choice for Super Bowl snacks!


The films

From cheeseburgers to buffalo chicken waffles, we produced recipe videos that really engaged the audience. Filmed over 2 days in a kitchen location our team put together a number of tempting recipes that got people all over social media talking, and ultimately eating Frank’s Hot Sauce!

Showing Red camera filming a recipe being cooked

Frank’s Hot Sauce

Dave Miller

Design & Production
Harry Chambers

Dave Miller

Camera Dept.
Pete Bateman

Home Economist & Food Stylist
Kate Moore

Post Production
Geoff Billingham

Daryl Higgins