Mary Kay
Mary Kay
I can… Promo Film

The Brief

Mary Kay needed a promotional video to sell their business to a new salesforce and as an experienced corporate video company we were there to help. They recruited some of their top sellers to be part of the film.

The process

The look and feel had to be bright and light. Our location scouts found us some great places to film. We put together a script based on conversations with the Mary Kay sales team.

We dug out our Zeiss prime lens and prisms to make it look bright and sunny despite filming over two crisp, grey days in January.

The final output was a selection of longer films full of information about how to grow a customer base and build a business, alongside promotional social media films that introduced people to the opportunities available.

Mary Kay

Harry Chambers

Tim Fok

Design & Production
Nutmeg Productions

Post Production
Geoff Billingham