Cool Milk
Cool Milk
Educational Film

The Brief

Cool Milk are the go to schools milk provider. As part of a package to educate children about milk and ultimately get their parents to buy Cool Milk each day at school we were asked to create an educational 20 minute film based on Cool Milks very own superhero ‘Milk Man’. The film would be shown in schools as part of a lesson about milk and needed to hit a number of educational targets.


The Film

We took the picture of Milk Man and ran with it! After we’d scripted 20 minutes of educational and funny content aimed at 6 year olds, we cast a real life version of Milk Man to deliver the story. Our costume designer Sonja, normally found at London’s Opera House, got to work creating his costume and our team of designers and animators started creating the animated world in which he would live.

All filmed in our Green Screen studio we used cut out props so that the real-life character interacts with the animated world and characters around him. Our props team had a field day making buckets of mud and glasses of milk. And we got to visit a farm!

Cool Milk

Julian Kemp

Design & Production
Nutmeg Productions

Dave Miller

Pete Bateman

Props & Art Design
Tracy Benner

Head of Post Production
Geoff Billingham

Sonja Verma