Filming on location – Lights, Camping, Action
Filming on location – Lights, Camping, Action

Our London video production team had a fun project  for brand Puffin Books this week on location. Children’s books on film generally mean a fun shoot!

This time it was to promote Jeff Kinney’s new book “Spooky Stories”, a funny and scary book and a departure from his famous “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” series.

Our concept involved camping, kids and some steaming hot chocolate while the kids sat in a tent reading the new book.

Tent set up in a sitting room made lighting a challenge but Andy, our Director of Photography, used the Astera Titan Kit. These LED tubes are battery powered, can be placed anywhere and are fully controllable emitting a powerful, tuneable white light with ultra-high colour rendering to get the really bespoke campfire story time look we wanted.