Animation workshop
Animation Workshop

Charity Video Offer

As part of our charity outreach scheme we lead an animation workshop at Springhallow School, an Ealing Local Authority maintained school, for pupils aged 4 – 19 with Autism and associated learning difficulties. 

The students at Springhallow were learning doing an animation project, organised by the incredible Lisa & Karen at Ealing SEND Hub. Our 90 minute workshop introduced 12 students to the amazing world of animation production.

We asked the students to share and discuss their favourite animations, which included shows like Rick and Morty, South Park and Wallace & Gromit! We walked them through the animation process, explaining how scripts are written, storyboards are drawn, and the use of hand drawings and software.

The students were enthusiastic to learn more about the animation process. We then gave them creative freedom to design their own storyboards on any topic that sparked their imagination – learning to drive and buying a car, and a trip to the cinema over the weekend. 

The goal was to unlock the students’ creativity and they all rose to the occasion!

To explain animation storyboards
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