Animation Process

Creating an animation

Animations are a clever and engaging way of explaining your campaign, product, service or story. At Nutmeg, we work collaboratively with you from the initial kick-off through to final delivery – supporting on style, script, voiceover, music, storyboarding – so that you get a high quality, beautiful animation which can tell your story to the right audience.


Step 1: Kick-off meeting & initial style boards

Kick off meeting: The most important part of the process! This is where we ask a lot of questions to understand what clients want to achieve through their animation, who the audience is, and how they want to tell their story. Together, we look where the animation should take the audience, and how we can help them get them there.

Style boards (+ 1 revision): Following the kick off meeting, we will work on some initial ideas based on the brief and the conversations we’ve had with the client. We’ll then share style boards (think of them as mood boards!), which are initial ideas for the style and colour palette of the animation. Clients feedback on the style boards, and we’ll make a round of revisions before signing-off on the animation style.


Step 2: Scripting

Initial draft script: If a script isn’t provided, then Nutmeg will create an initial draft script, which will be based on the brief and conversations we’ve had. This draft script presents the general style and tone. Client feedbacks and any necessary changes are made.

Script edit 1: Nutmeg makes changes to the initial draft script and delivers the first draft of the script. At this stage, the style and tone should be signed-off. Client’s will feedback on the content in greater detail and Nutmeg will action all feedback.

Script edit 2: Nutmeg makes changes and delivers the second draft. At this stage, all content should be signed-off. Client will feed back on any final tweaks e.g. dates, names.

Script sign-off: Nutmeg actions final amends and script is signed-off!


Step 3: Music & voiceover

Music: Music will play alongside the voiceover during the animation, and is a great way of elevating the video and reflecting the tone and messaging. Nutmeg generally presents 3 music options to clients to review and choose from. Or we can compose bespoke music if preferred.

Voiceover: Here we provide clients with different choices of voiceover talent. The talent is dependent on brief and budget. Once the voiceover is selected, we will have the script professional recorded. Please note that any changes to the script or chosen voiceover after the voiceover is delivered will come at an additional cost.


Step 4: Storyboard

This is one of the most important steps of the animation process, as here we will sign-off on the visuals for the entire video before proceeding with the animation. It is much more time consuming to make changes to the video once it’s been animated, so to ensure projects get delivered within time and budget, client feedback is critical at this step of the production process!

1st draft storyboard: Once the style, script, music & voiceover is signed-off, we are ready to lay out the entire video!
Nutmeg will create a first draft storyboard – which is a series of images, showing each single frame which will be represented alongside the script. The client should feedback on the visuals e.g. characters, icons, colours.

2nd draft storyboard: Nutmeg will action all necessary feedback, and deliver the second draft storyboard. At this stage, the storyboard style should be signed-off. Client should feedback with small tweaks.

Storyboard sign-off: Nutmeg will action all feedback, and deliver the final storyboard. This is where the storyboards are signed off. It is really Important that all stakeholders are involved in this sign off to ensure an animation comes in on time and budget.


Step 5: Animating

1st draft animation: The magic begins! We will initially send a 10 second example so that our clients are happy with the style and movement before we complete the initial animation. This process will take several days to weeks depending on style. Client feeds back.

2nd draft animation: Nutmeg actions any feedback and delivers full animation. As the visual has been signed-off during the storyboard section, client should feedback only on animation tweaks e.g. transitions.

Audio SFX & music: We will add the music for the animation to match the tone and style. We also add sound effects, to make everything come to life. Client feedsback on music and sound effects. Nutmeg actions any changes.

Animation delivered!