Malnutrition Taskforce
Malnutrition Taskforce
Malnutrition in older age film

The Brief

Specialists in healthcare film productions Nutmeg work on films and animations that raise health awareness and provide guidance.

The Malnutrition Task Force raises awareness and provides information and practical guidance to help combat preventable undernutrition and dehydration in later life. As part of their resource pack we were asked to create an animation highlighting the story of an older person suffering from malnutrition.

The Film

Our illustrator created a look and feel based on our film script telling the true story of an older person who slipped into malnutrition.

We based the illustrations and animation around a house and used key items many older people would have – family photos, old fashioned weighing scales etc to visualise the story.

The animated campaign film is a key resource in the information available to anyone involved in the care of older people.

Malnutrition Taskforce

Harry Chambers

Daryl Higgins

Daryl Higgins

Isabel Campbell

Voice Over
Cia Allan