Farrer & Co
Farrer & Co
Farrer’s New Brand on Film

The Brief

Our corporate video productions team filmed at Farrer & Co during their re-branding, telling the story to their staff, and later the world and explaining through the film why they had worked on their brand.

We were commissioned to make a series of films about the brand and what Farrer meant to staff and clients.

The Film

Farrer has a traditional and established pedigree which they didn’t want to lose but it was felt the world’s view of a traditional law firm didn’t reflect the firms innovative and adaptable contemporary business.

We used the brand guidelines as a graphic palette and a prompt to staff. We spent several days with the firm, meeting the staff and listening to their stories to create a series of brand and business films. As it turns out lawyers do have a sense of humour!

Farrer & Co

Harry Chambers

Leo Element

Nutmeg Productions

Post Production
Geoff Billingham

Geoff Billingham

Ascend Creative